Benefits of Robotic Information Capture (RIC)

Are capture BPOs and service centers at risk of extinction? Are Full-Time Employees (FTEs) going to be replaced with robots performing the same actions faster, cheaper, and less erroneosly? The same AI technology that many fear, however, provides new opportunities for BPOs and corporate Share Services Centers to thrive.

Robotic Information Capture (RIC) solutions from ABBYY now drive data enablement opportunities where BPOs and service centers leverage existing operators in a new capacity, turning them into proficient educators of AI through machine learning on existing data sets.

RIC solutions create new innovative advantages for BPOs, allowing them to build expertise and train internal AI for specific use cases. This converts traditional, highly-competitive, and low-value manual labor operations into use case specific, highly-automated services that creates competitive advantages for BPOs and new opportunities to increase profit and per-customer operating margins.